How It Works

When you sign up for The Panel Box, every month you'll receive curated indie comics like Saga, the Walking Dead, Trees, Outcast, etc. You'll also receive an exclusive comic, t-shirt and art from our featured artist. A portion of the proceeds will be go directly to the artists and creators we partner with.

Step 1

Sign up and choose a shirt size

Step 2

We'll deliver a Panel Box your door once a month

Step 3

Enjoy comics. Wear t-shirts. Frame Art. Support Artists. Be awesome!

What's in the Box?

Each month will feature: 

4-5 Indie Comics 

1 Featured Artist/Creator Comic

A t-shirt or other cool merch

Frame-worthy Comic Art

Our curated comics represent some of the finest available from Image, Darkhorse, Valiant, Top Cow and many more. We will always seek out collectible 1st or Key issues to give our Panelists the highest possible value. Nevermind the fact that we'll be plugging you in to some of the hottest up-and-coming artists and creators around. Imagine what It would have been like to capture a Warren Ellis, Mike Mignola, or Fiona Staples at the beginning of their careers. What would those comics be worth today? Only one way to find out...

Start your box today!

Each box is filled with Indie Comic Gold!