About Us

A little about our mission...

Creators and Artists seeking to fund and launch their own comics are faced with a lot of expenses. Conservative estimates place the number of comic sales needed to just break even at about 3,000 issues. Oftentimes creators rely on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other crowdfunding sources to get these projects funded and, even if they're successful, there is still the challenge of somehow getting in front of other readers to make a profit. 

The Panel Box wants to help (and yes, full disclosure, we want to make money too). If we can grow our subscriber base to 500, 1k, or even 2k think about the impact that could have. Artists and creators would have a sales channel to immediate profitability. They could focus on doing what they love without having to hustle for sales with each subsequent issue. 

The Panel Box would like to become the premiere comic subscription service - exposing readers to the wonder of indie comics and all of the amazing artists and creators you might never have heard of. We won't send you a comic that we don't love ourselves. And, since we look for 1st issues, keys and new artists, some of these comics might grow exponentially in value over time, more than covering the cost of the subscription.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Conn - Founder/CEO

Julia Conn - Social Media Master

Kermit - Head of Security

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